Bangalore to Bangalore [The beautiful] #cyriaclinto

Time has gone such a way that i thought i should also note down my thoughts.

softwares started correcting english and maths and you need not worry on your past being failed in both.

Today my time was in bangalore and let me write about it.

Such a beautiful city created by its guests being hosted this city. i have been and i am a guest here today and was hosting it as well for few years earlier.

this is a city that was created by its visitors and the town is yet to know the amount of trouble that it is gonna get into by welcoming more.

visitors are over-ruling and the localities are still being the servants. I believe that its time for us to educate and contribute to the state and to the people.

i am sure people are familiar to the traffic of bangalore; and why is it?. coz somebody dint know the math of game plan or dint think the ignorants would make their way out without paying the cost . and who are THE IGNORANTS?

let me get back with facts.

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